Trenton WoodWorks is a pioneering industrial hub for innovation, learning, and technology. It is dedicated to excellence in manufacturing, offsite construction, and sustainable practices. We are committed to building communities and fostering socio-economic growth in Atlantic Canada. Located in Trenton, NS, our 60-acre low-carbon industrial plant is steeped in history and designed to develop flexible, cost-effective solutions, prioritizing innovative product development over conventional methods and ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.

As part of the Macklan Group, a family-owned enterprise with a solid track record in construction, real estate development, and manufacturing, our approach enables us to deliver projects of industrial quality and increase customer value.

At Trenton WoodWorks, we bring all aspects – design, engineering, and manufacturing – indoors. Working closely with our customers, suppliers, and partners, we rapidly develop and deploy new solutions, leveraging automation, production lines and digital Design&Engineering.

Through DORA Modular, Eastcut Wood Building Solutions, and Eastcut Mass Timber, we showcase our expertise and redefine what’s next in offsite construction and manufacturing.

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