DORA Modular is the superior solution for builders, architects, institutions, and developers who envision industrial quality, sustainable efficiency, and reduced project completion time.

Our team leverages cutting-edge digital technology to streamline our engineering and design processes, resulting in faster builds and reduced overall costs for our clients. We integrate a product development approach that enables us to provide comprehensive services, including design, manufacturing, site development and building installation, ensuring our products meet performance and quality standards.

By merging the extensive on-site project expertise of our parent company, DORA Construction, with the latest off-site construction methodologies, our industrial-quality products are redefining construction practices and community development in Atlantic Canada.

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to develop complex structures and transform the construction landscape. Whether it’s Net Zero Schools, specialized healthcare facilities, multi-unit residences, missing middle housing, or senior living establishments, DORA Modular is leading the way

Our Production Line Process

Our state-of-the-art facility spans 110,000 square feet and is equipped with an innovative in-floor rail system, ensuring seamless support and movement of modules through all 34 production phases.
Formerly used for assembling rail cars and painting windmills, our main shop is now optimized for efficiency. With overhead cranes and modern assembly equipment, we can easily take on  multiple types of projects.
Located on a 60-acre parcel of land, our facility offers easy transportation via railways connecting us to North America. Additionally, large-loading conveyors have access to rivers,

enabling us to transport products to local ports successfully.

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Factory Quality Control Standards

We are committed and dedicated to top-notch quality. We are currently pursuing certification for our factory through the CSA Group, adhering to CSA Standards – CAN/CSA A277-16, which outlines the procedure for certifying prefabricated buildings, modules, and panels. This certification is integral to our quality assurance process as it ensures our products meet rigorous standards for safety, reliability, and performance. and are currently in the final stages of getting our factory certified by the CSA Group under the CSA Standards—CAN/CSA A277-16 Procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings, modules, and panels.

Our Products


Healthcare Facilities


Accessory Dwelling Unit

Multi-Family Housing

Senior Living

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