Eascut Mass Timber expands our horizons and embraces a wider range of sustainable construction materials and techniques as we step forward. In this pioneering venture, Trenton WoodWorks proudly partners with Nordic Structures, North America’s Mass Timber manufacturing and construction leader.

Eastcut Mass Timber operations are being rolled out in three different phases:

Phase 1 (Current Phase)

  • Nordic Structures engineers and fabricates the mass timber
  • DORA Construction installs on-site

Phase 2 in 2025

  • Nordic Structures fabricates the mass timber
  • Eastcut Mass Timber engineers it, DORA Construction installs on-site

Phase 3 in 2026

  • Eastcut Mass Timber engineers and fabricates mass timber
  • Eastcut Mass Timber sells products directly
  • Eastcut Mass Timber installs on-site

Nordic Structures has over 60 years of experience and is committed to sustainably harvested mass timber products. Mass timber, known for its durability and strength, can replace concrete and steel, significantly enhancing a building’s value. Our collaboration offers a local solution and fosters the growth of the construction and manufacturing industry in Atlantic Canada.

Nordic’s conscientious approach sets them apart and makes a meaningful difference:

  • Nordic manages 15 million acres of Canada’s Eastern Boreal Forest, preserving wetlands and areas of high biodiversity. It was Canada’s first to adopt the most stringent standards for forest stewardship.

  • Local communities and stakeholders are involved in decision-making. First Nations are consulted, and culturally important places are protected.

  • Black Spruce is the dominant tree species in the Boreal Forest.

  • Nordic Structures uses small 25 x 50mm (1×2”) lamella to make their Enviro Lam products, utilizing more of each tree, resulting in better-looking timbers, greater dimensional stability, and higher mechanical strength.

A Successful Parternship

Our initial joint venture with Nordic involves the construction of a multi-level office building for Membertou Development Corporation in Membertou, NS. The groundbreaking five-story project marks a significant milestone, representing the largest mass timber project ever executed in Atlantic Canada. It’s only the beginning of a successful partnership showcasing mass timber’s effectiveness and innovation.

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