Eastcut Wood Building Solutions is an industrialized wood prefabrication company specializing in manufacturing top-tier wall, roof, and floor components, as well as balconies, stairs, and decks.

The techniques we use to streamline our manufacturing process combine cutting-edge technology with expert designers through our BIM software, BD Vertex. This makes our products a superior choice for builders and developers seeking improved project performance.

Our factory-controlled manufacturing process supports rigorous quality control measures and offers multiple advantages over traditional construction methods. By optimizing workflow and minimizing downtime, we enhance worker productivity and output. This approach ensures year-round operation and reduces labor costs, material waste, and construction delays, delivering cost-effective solutions to our clients.

We prioritize sustainably sourced, high-quality local wood and cutting-edge fabrication for maximum energy efficiency. Our products can be designed to incorporate green technologies that minimize utility costs over the building’s lifetime.

At Eastcut, affordability, efficiency, and sustainability are the foundation of our community-building initiatives, not just buzzwords.


This high-production linear saw is the ideal solution for faster and more flexible cutting needs. Additionally, the machine can handle drilling, milling, and various types of markings. At the core of the machine is the adaptable saw unit, capable of making cuts at any angle and inclination. In addition to a wide range of chop, miter, and compound cuts, the 5-axis saw unit, which can pivot 360° and tilt by 90°, also allows for the quick, precise, and high-quality creation of birdsmouths, roof ridge joints, eaves formwork notches, scarf joints, and more.

Mini 8

The truss machine has the capability to press roof trusses up to 35-foot lengths, including hips, jacks, or press trusses in one easy sweep of the press head. Additionally, it can also press floor trusses, making it the ultimate machine.

Gantry Truss Line Machine

The truss machine is designed to press and roll 14-foot-wide and 80-foot-long trusses, allowing for higher-production roof trusses. The process involves a gantry-style press for the first pass and a roller for the second, ensuring the highest quality control.

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